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How do I tell which drive is reporting error?

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Since early this morning (now 7pm) ADM reports "Event ID 55" every 7-8 minutes. I have no idea which of my 12 drives has the problem. Drive C: is a 1TB SSD, all others conventional.

Installed another system monitor software which included storage device reporting from SMART, it show all drives operaring normal, no overheating, no errors reported.

How do I find which drive ADM is reporting as having problem?

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if u have ADM e-mailing u, it will say something like " Disk ST500LT012-1DG142, serial number (S/N), size 500.11 GB " at the top of the message. Otherwise, go to Disks > Events Tab and as u click on the drives the events for the drive should show. You can then match it with the hard drive by going to my computer  > right click a drive > properties > hardware tab and ull see the drive names there. You can go deaper by clicking on a drive and going to properties to find the S/N.