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How to exclude certain log events?

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I want to exclude a certain log event that only informs about deleted recovery points due to the space limit in windows settings:
Source name: Volsnap, Event code: 33

According to the help file I need to edit the winlog_filter.xml file.
This file contains an include filter for all entries with source name Volsnap. I only want to exclude those with event code 33.
If I add this exclude filter the events are still shown:

It looks like the include filter overrides the exclude filter.

What I can do is to completely delete the include filter for Volsnap entries.
But is there a way to have those entries except those with event code 33?

Thanks for help.

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I don't think there is any way to do what you want, apart from making some sort of batch file that searches the XML file for that sequence, deletes them and then rewrites the XML file.