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How hot is the sun? My hard drive is 5000 times hotter than that!

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According to modern science, the core of the sun is said to be 24,479,540 degrees Fahrenheit. That's nothing compared to my brand new Seagate 3 TB SATA hard drive, which is a "hotter than hell" 107,374,182,438 degrees! That's 5000 times hotter than the sun! Don't believe me? Check out the attachment.

The "head flying hours" makes the temperature figure look small in comparison. I don't know why Acronis' programmers don't simply use the symbol for "infinity" for this value.

Read Error Rate,147098304,0,117,6,OK
Spin-Up Time,0,0,95,0,OK
Start/Stop Count,56,0,100,20,OK
Reallocated Sectors Count,0,0,100,10,OK
Seek Error Rate,8591162309,0,57,30,OK
Power-On Hours (POH),245,0,100,0,OK
Spin Retry Count,0,0,100,97,OK
Power Cycle Count,43,0,100,20,OK
SATA Downshift Error Count,0,0,100,0,OK
End-to-End error,0,0,100,99,OK
Reported Uncorrectable Errors,0,0,100,0,OK
Command Timeout,0,0,100,0,OK
High Fly Writes,0,0,100,0,OK
Airflow Temperature,723910697,0,59,45,OK
G-sense error rate,0,0,100,0,OK
Power-off Retract Count,14,0,100,0,OK
Load/Unload Cycle Count,3992,0,99,0,OK
Current Pending Sector Count,0,0,100,0,OK
Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,0,100,0,OK
UltraDMA CRC Error Count,0,0,200,0,OK
Head Flying Hours,92827128168634,0,100,0,OK
Total LBAs Written,5969263083,0,100,0,OK
Total LBAs Read,2093991425,0,100,0,OK

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Peter Cabbage wrote:
Head Flying Hours,92827128168634,0,100,0,OK

HAHA, a 10 billion year old hard drive.


On a side note, I have no clue why, but I would reboot and see if the figures change?