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I had problem with drive

Thread needs solution
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how to set the raw offsets?
what does it do actually?
can i fix this problem with my drive?
if cant fix what do i need to do?
please tell me the reason with the answer above.
thank you.
See attachment for refer.

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I seem to have deleted my copy of the user guide, and i no longer have it installed on my system.

I think the offset feature allows you to change when ADM registers a problem. However, the up/down arrows allow you to alter the value, but I think you will have a problem because drive makers use different parameters for each drive model as well as between manufacturers.

Changing the offsets won't make those alerts go away though, nor will it actually solve the disk problem. You could try using Hard Disk Sentinel and see if ti reports similar problems. Having said that, HDS reports one of my drives as only having 13 days left of usability and it has been reproting this for 3 months now. Using the SMART option in Perfect Disk - it reports no problems at all, but states my SSD drive is poor, HDS and (when I had it installed) ADM said the drive was OK.