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New drive not seen

Thread needs solution
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Drive Monitor has done its job with one of my two drives, spotting a problem and allowing me to change the drive before the old one broke completely.

However, Drive Monitor is not seeing the new drive and I wonder if there is a setting somewhere which I am missing.

The old drive, seen perfectly, was a Western Digital 250GB IDE drive. The new one is also a Western Digital but 500GB and SATA.

Can anyone suggest why the new drive is not being seen, please? I have tried removing and re-installing Drive Monitor without any improvement.

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I take it Windows can see it OK as can the BIOS?

I thought that ADM used the Windows disk access functions to interrogate drives, so at this moment I don't have any idea as to what could be wrong. In theory if it shows in Disk Management it should show up in ADM even if it wasn't a SMART drive.

You have checked in the Options\Disk Monitoring section that the disk is enabled (assuming it appears in the list of course).

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Thanks for the reply, Colin. Yes, the BIOS and Windows can see the drive perfectly. I have absolutely no issue with it other than Drive Monitor not seeing it. A second drive I have, a Samsung IDE, can be seen perfectly.

Today I saw that there was a new version of Drive Monitor (released yesterday) so I installed it. Unfortunately there is no change and Drive monitor still cannot see my new disk.

The really strange thing is that I have a couple of other programs that can read SMART data and they have no problem seeing my new disk. I am pretty sure, therefore, that it is not my computer or its settings but an issue with Drive Monitor. I am really surprised that it cannot see a common drive like the Western Digital.

If anyone has any more ideas I would be really grateful as Drive Monitor performs a really useful function.