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New user - Guidance & Advice Required Please

Thread needs solution
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Hi All....just fund out about this & thought I would give it a try.....

Primary SATA2 - 500GB Seagate ST3500418AS - 4weeks old drive
Secondary SATA2 - 1TB Samsung HD103UJ - 1week old drive
USB HDD - Western Digital My Book 500GB - 1year old drive

What a scary app......I have various errors, which really arent very useful..

I am getting Event ID 55, 57 & 141......and a lot of them.....

also, all drives are green, then I get a random message saying one of my drives isnt SMART & then it is....Constantly happening every few minutes.....

I cant tell which of my drives has all these errors...i.e. 55,57, 141 & SMART Monitoring is not available.

Some guidance to go with this app would be appreciated rather than me thinking the world is ending

Can anyone help me decipher all these errors

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Your event errors is ADM reporting what is occuring in Windows Event logs. These may have been happening for sometime, you just haven't been made aware of them before.

A check in Windows Event Manager will give you a history.

At a guess the drive that is changing it's mind about SMART support, is probably the Western Digital one - many users are reporting strange behaviour the current models of WD.

I have an older 70Gb 10K WD drive, which works fine with ADM.

If you check in WEM there should be some error text alongside the error number - this might give a clue as to what is happening,