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Процесс adm.exe и видео!!!

Thread needs solution
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При просмотре видео в любом медиаплеере происходит подтормаживание видео через каждые 15 - 20 сек. Это очень раздражает. Фильм смотреть спокойно невозможно!
Мне стало интересно из-за чего это происходит и я воспользовался Process Explorer.
Заметил что каждые 10-20 секунд в момент подтормаживания видео появляется и так же исчезает несколько процессов (2-3) adm.exe.
Я сразу же и подумал что это Acronis Drive Monitor...
Правильно ли я понял? Как можно это исправить?

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Are you able to translate your post into English?

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using the excellent google translate:

"When watching a video in any media player video is a slowdown every 15 - 20 sec. This is very annoying. Film look easy impossible!
I became interested because of what is happening and I used Process Explorer.
Noticed that every 10-20 seconds at the moment freezes the video appears and disappears just a few processes (2-3) adm.exe.
I immediately and thought that this Acronis Drive Monitor ...
Do I understand? How can I fix it?"

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Hi all!

Thank you for your comments! Appreciate it.

Google translate is correct (though can be hard to understand =). The issue is related to the adm.exe using CPU every 10-20 seconds, which causes the slowdown in the performance of the computer, which is extremely annoying when the Customer is watching the movie.

I've checked our internal resources: such issue was never reported to us, thus requires investigation. Artem, we would highly appreciate if you could kindly provide us with the Procmon and Acronis Info from the problem machine.

I have also forwarded this information to the Development team (thank you, nu am adresa), they will look into the issue.

Thank you!


Артем, здравствуйте,

Спасибо, что сообщили о проблеме.

Я проверила наши базы данных : нам прежде не сообщали о такой проблеме. Мы были бы оч. благодарны, если бы Вы могли предоставить нам следущую информацию с проблемного компьютера: 

1. Procmon
2. Acronis Info

Я уже отправила запрос команде разработчиков, они займутся проблемой, как только они получат диагностическую информацию.

Спасибо Вам заранее, ждем Вашего ответа!

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the latest procmon version dies after several million events with "the memory could not be written"
but it looks like this before it dies:

attached acronis info output file

I'm sorry I opened a duplicate thread here: ; maybe it's possible for forum admins to join them?

Thank you Yana and Anton for your fast responses - THIS is an example to the rest of IT companies in the world for the what customer care should look like!

edit: i have removed the info zipped file, as it contains some private information of my computer (log files) and it's publicly accesible from this forum. i can provide the file again when requested

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I just noticed that this does not occur in windows 7, only on xp!
haven't tested in vista (vista can't be called an usable operating system, anyway)

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Thanks for your reply, Yana!
Report from Acronisinfo in the attachment.
Unfortunately i can't reproduce the issue again. Videos and films runs without skippings at the moment.

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yana, any news from the devs?