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Seagate drives dont work with Acronis?

Thread needs solution
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I have been having issues with 4 out of 5 Seagate drive with Acronis. Each one e-mailing a report saying:

Disk ST500LT012-1DG142, serial number (S/N), size 500.11 GB
Disk health has fallen below the warning threshold.
Current health: 59%
Warning threshold: 70%
Check the Acronis Drive Monitor console logs and other alert messages to get more information about this health degradation.
More information about the Acronis health calculation algorithm is available at

When i go to the computer it says 100% disk health with no evemts waiting. what the heck is going on with Seagate drives? I cant imagin 4 out of 5 Seagate drives being bad.

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