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Setup email for Hotmail

Thread needs solution
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what settings are used for a hot mail account i have tried everything i thing to no avail.

any help would be appreciated

Regards Russell

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Do you have any other Acronis software that sends emails to you? If so, they should be the same settings.

Are you sure that Hotmail isn't putting the emails into the spam/junk folder?

So long as you are putting your Hotmail address in the E-mail box and your ISP details in the Server Settings box, it ought to work.

Make sure you don't have encryption enabled by mistake.

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Sorry Colin I must not have received a notification re your post
Any ways moving forward I now have TI 2013 with Pack

Same problem persists TI and hot mail
in the out going server I use and port 25 my normal hot mail user details and no encryption

Any ideas

Regards Russell
Ps I checked the notify me box perhaps last time error emanated between chair and keyboard