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SMART works for motherboard SATA but not add-in card SATA

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I was super excited when I stumbled across this nifty tool today for the first time. However, I'm bummed that it appears I can't fully use it.

I have a Gigabyte X48 motherboard with two drives directly connected and ADM works fine with those. I also have a SIIG PCI Express SATA card (uses a Silicon Image SiI3132) with two drives. ADM sees the two drives but can't pull SMART info from them. However, I know its possible as I have written a simple .NET program to probe those drives for SMART.

Is there a setting to get ADM to read SMART values from drives attached to add-in cards? Or is there a way to use ADM's script mechanism to write a script that supplies the SMART data that ADM can't pull on its own?

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Do other SMART readers such as Hard Disk Sentinel find your add on card? I imagine that most search the BIOS or the Windows disk system for the Sata/IDE ports, but not for PCI/PCI-E etc buses.

In theory I suppose it would be possible to write a program that can hook into the ADM_driver.DLL

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sil3132 dont support smart as far i know, never did for me

and silicon images product page dont say anything about smart

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tommyla wrote:

sil3132 dont support smart as far i know, never did for me

and silicon images product page dont say anything about smart

I almost gave up on this too, as there seems to be no command line tool provided by silicon image for the sil3132, to return at least some basic diagnostic  info about the HDDs. Hence, it is not possible to write a script to work with this fine acronis drive monitor software.

A google search also seemed to confirm that sil3132 simply does not support S.M.A.R.T. (passthrough or whatever).

Well, it turned out to be all wrong info!
Thankfully Colin B mentioned "Hard Disk Sentinel": a wonderful tool that does everthing one could wish for!

It recognizes the individual HDDs attached to the sil3132, reads out SMART, temps etc, no problem.
Seemingly the sil3132 is supported only since mid 2010 - so it is a relatively new feature. 

It is the only tool that does the job as far as I know; was more than happy (after hours of fruitless search) to spend 18€ for it.
The registered Version offers some more features like, E-Mail alert or HDD activity icons in the taskbar.
The free Version is also fine, to check SMART or to include a temp icon in the taskbar.

... btw. still curious about that "simple .NET program" lunadesign wrote for probing SMART