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Soft Read Error Rate - Degradation

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I had a Seagate Barracuda ATA IV [ST380021A] with similar errors (soft read error rate - degradation), I replaced it with a Maxtor 6Y160P0; the same/similar errors are showing up. So I am thinking that this error is NOT accurate. There are no other errors.

Could it indicate a motherboard disk controller problem?

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That happens for me as well. The error rate scores fluctuate both up and down which I don't understand. Several places say that any positive score suggests a problem!
I don't know what to believe as the drive(Maxtor 80GB IDE) passes all of the other tests I have run on it and has not shown any other problem so far.
It's a second -hand replacement as I cannot seem to find anybody selling new IDE drives any more.
The monitor system did not seem to give this problem on other drives. It did show consistently bad scores on another drive for weeks before it finally broke down all together. That looked like what was supposed to happen but this case is weird.

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Have you seen tried installing Hard Disk Sentinel and see what that says. Hard Disk Sentinel is pretty stable.