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Temperature warnings--possibility of temp calibration error?

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My Computer Consultant recently installed the Acronis Drive Monitor and when I've done various tasks I've gotten high temp warnings several times, e.g. creating a Disc Partition Image, installing Office 2010, and lengthy defragmenting tasks. The temp for critical events have mostly been 129, but also 131 and 132. The fan is working. The disc health is indicated as 100% healthy. My Consultant wonders if there could be a calibration problem?

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I assume the temperatures you refer to are using fahrenheight, what is the trip temperature set to?

Have you checked on the disk manufacturers website to see what they specify as the nominal temperature for your drive model?

The temperatures for my drives have a threshold of 35 and 36 C ( 95 - 96.8F), so yours do look on the high side at 55 C .

How are the drives placed in your case? Are they tight against one another or are there air gaps betwwen them of about 1/2 to 1 disk hight?

It might be worth moving the drive(s) to a different position. Make sure there are no cables in the way of the fan airflow and the drives. Is the fan a case fan or just the CPU fan? You could also try hanging the drive outsie of the case and see if the temperature drops dramatically.

As a double check download Hard Disk Sentinel and see if it reports the same sort of temperatures. Both can be installed and running at tyhe same time.