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Unable to monitor RAID drives - Dell Perc5 onboard RAID / LSI MegaRaid 1068 chipset

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I love the Acronis drive monitoring tool - simple and easy, but if I can't get it to work with all my drives including my RAID drives i'll need to find another option.

Can anyone tell me how to get my Dell Precision 690 currently running WinXP 32 to allow Acronis Drive Monitor to see the drives. Is there a script or anything I need to use to make this work?

The drives show up under Device Manager / Disk Drives as "Dell VIRTUAL DISK SCSI Disk Device".
The controller shows up as "Dell SAS 5/iR Integrated Controller" in the RAID Controllers section.

I am using WD 2TB Enterprise class drives.

If Acronis won't work can anyone recommend an app? I'm not comfortable running this RAID and putting critical files on it with some decent monitoring software.

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