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vista versus win7

Thread needs solution
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my system has installed vista 64bit. we wil upgraded tot win7.

its possible say microsoft but allone with cpl version or win7.

oke . thus the cdrom installed,. buth there is the followay comment. the partity idd to small for win7.

the system 3hd's are in raid . and the setup in the bios from the harddisk is AHCI.

can i with true image (write on cd ) the partitys make empty and changed and formatted
and then installed win7?

is there no problem with raid? thus true image is just the good prg for this problem.

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I think I answered you in your other thread.

For RAID you will need True Image 2013 and the 2013 Plus Pack.

If you make a complete disk image, you can restore using the recovery CD. You can either let True Image adjust partitions to use the new capacity or you can adjust the partitions manually.

So long as your new setup is the same as your old setup, you should have no problems.