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What determines the status code "OK" or "FAIL"

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New drives come out all the time and manufactures change specs. Does your smart monitor keep up with changes? ie: Do you lookup the values in an on-line database?

I only became aware of your monitoring capability recently and just compared its results with other products that I have used. I noticed that your analysis tool shows my UltraDMA CRC Error Count to be "OK". However, two other tools give warnings for the same drive and I posted the results from HDDStatus below your result.

From Acronis 1.0 build 566 (showing 2 above and 2 below the CRC status)

Current Pending Sector Count, 0,252,0,OK
Uncorrectable Sector Count, 0,252,0,OK
UltraDMA CRC Error Count, 7223,87,0,OK
Write Error Rate/Multi-Zone Error Rate,47,100,0,OK
Load/Unload Retry Count, 0,252,0,OK


Current Pending Sector 252 0
Uncorrectable Sector Count 252 0
Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate 87 1C37
Write Error Rate 100 2F
Load Retry Count 252 0

WARNING : your hard disk Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate attribute current value (87) is below the normal range (87 - $issue.params[2]) reported for your specific hard disk model. This usually means that some communication errors occurred between the hard disk and the external controller. Most likely those errors are due to the cable. Double check it, reroute it and, if needed, replace it.

Another tool, windowsmart also reported CRC errors.

Thanks for looking!

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The problem is that not only do the drive manufacturers differ between what they report and how (sometimes between their own models), but the software utility developers also interpret the available results differently.

The utility I would use as the bench mark for ADM is Hard disk Sentinel as this was the main program tested against during the beta of ADM some years ago. Unfortunately Acronis seem to have abandoned this piece of software, as it hasn't been updated for over a year now and Acronis and the developers rarely look at this sub forum any more.

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Thanks for the advice. That is unfortunate as have been using TI since version "6" both home and corporate at one time. I think their first version was 6 as I recall. I am currently using windowsmart 2012 for monitoring several of my home computers and have an inexpensive family license from them which is perfect for my purpose. Even companies like seagate have dropped the ball on SMART monitoring. I tried seatools on a couple of systems and their latest version actually crashed on systems with either a Promise Technology or an Sil3114 adapter. These were only JBOD and not any type of RAID.