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What is the "Value" field in the Disk Health Formula

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I see that the fields returned on reading SMART parameters are :
1. Raw Value,
2. Normalized value,
3. Worst, and
4. Threshold.

In the formula used to calculate Disk Health:
Disk health (%) = П (100% - (min(limit, attribute_value*Weight)))

attribute_value is is the "raw value" or the "normalized value" ?
Reason for asking this is that "raw value" is manufacturer specific and each OEM may use it differently (this is the reason we have the normalized value). Now, the "normalized value" starts typically at 100 and decreases as that particular parameter worsens. So I think it cannot be used as is in this formula.

To summarize, after having read the SMART parameters, how can I use the above formula to calculate the disk health ?


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I don't know the exact answer, only Acronis themselves know how they work this out, but I suspect they use the raw vaule.