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Acronis File Connect - Mac Print Queues

Thread needs solution
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Hi Group,

We just recently upgraded our ExtremeZ-IP instance to the Acronis Files Connect. We had EZ-IP installed on a 32bit Windows server 2008. Now with the upgrade to AFC, were moving it to a 64bit 2008 server.\

Does anyone know if there is an automated way of getting this new version of AFC installed on the Macs to then configure printers without having to touch each and every Mac manually?

And if it helps, we have a JAMF Pro instance on premise.

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We have the Zidget which is a tool meant to allow Mac operators to discover and create print queues on the Mac client with little to no IT staff intervention:

However, in your particular scenario, the IT staff is using the JAMF deployment management solution to centrally manage your Macs, so what you would be looking for is steps to take in JAMF, to set up print queues on the Macs. This is not specific to Acronis Files Connect and you may want to consult JAMF resources.

Just to clarify since it might be useful and relevant, Acronis Files Connect print services use the lpd/lpr protocol.


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Thanks Mike! I'll take a closer peek and see how the 2 get created. From the Zidget and from JAMF.