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Acronis Files Connect 10.5 is now available!

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Dear Acronis Community

please be aware of Acronis Files Connect 10.5 (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) release, our next generation version of Acronis Access Connect.

Acronis Files Connect is the upgrade path for Acronis Access Connect and ExtremeZ-IP users. It includes all the features of these earlier products, plus a new Mac client application for locating and searching file shares and printer.

Installation files are available here. 

Improvements and new features in Acronis Files Connect 10.5 include:

  • The new Acronis Files Connect Mac Client application allows users to access all file share, DFS and network printer resources available via Acronis Files Connect and to perform complex Spotlight searches on one or all of these resources.
  • You can now automatically register Slave servers with the Master server via a new setting in the Acronis Files Connect Administrator.
  • Added 'Acronis Content Indexing' real-time search index updates for the most up to date search results and lower server resource usage.
  • Added integrated Windows Search controls for easy automatic indexing with Windows Search directly from the Acronis Files Connect admin console.
  • Improved handling of archived files for enabling Acronis Content Indexing Spotlight search, even if a volume is managed by a HSM / file system archiving solution.
  • You can now search for files specifically by their Mac or Windows file tags.
  • Added an option to exclude certain files or folders from Acronis Content Indexing.
  • Added an option to limit the amount of each file that will be indexed by Acronis Content Indexing.

The product is available on the following locales: all EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, RU, CN, TW, KO, JP

The product itself is localized into the following languages: German, French, Russian, Chinese, Taiwan, Japanese

Thank you,