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Content search of adobe indesign files

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Can anyone confirm if Access Connect can index the content of a indesign file?  We have it running  on our server but when searching for keywords via content it only returns results for PDFs, Word Doc and archived emails?

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Hi Kris,

Acronis Access Connect (now named Acronis Files Connect as of last week) does not support searching on the content of InDesign files. We have two search indexing options you can choose from: "Windows Search" and "Acronis Content Indexing". Unfortunately, InDesign files are not supported by either search indexing service.

The InDesign file format is not documented by Adobe and it appears it is not feasible to support.

The recommendation I'm hearing from others is that you could create a PDF of your InDesign document in your standard workflow that is stored in the same folder as the InDesign document. This PDF will be indexed and searchable and could be used to locate the related InDesign file at a later date.

If you have any additional questions, just let us know.

Best regards,