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File Copy Errors

Thread needs solution
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Hi Group,

We just recently upgraded our ExtremeZ-IP instance to the Acronis Files Connect. We had EZ-IP installed across all file and print servers.

We are getting reports/complaints now that when folks are trying to copy data, either to or from a shared resource on the server, they are now receiving either a -50 unexpected error or a file copy read or written -36 error.

I didn't do the upgrade on these file servers so we are wondering if anything needs to be done on the backend since we've upgraded from ExtremeZ-IP 8.1 and 9.0.4 instances to your latest version of AFC.

We attached the error our users are experiencing since the upgrades.

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The reported symptoms are usually indication of some misconfiguration on the Files Connect server. This needs to be carefully checked and analyzed. Feel free to open a support ticket on that. We will work closely with you then to streamline and optimize your current setup based on the provided diagnostic information.

Meanwhile, please review the following article and verify that the affected Mac users have all the required permissions and fully meet these requirements:

Acronis Files Connect: Best Practices for Permissions on NTFS