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iPad connecting is not using ReadOnly

Thread needs solution
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I've installed the trial version for a client  and the issue we are having is that even thought the shared folder is configured as 'Read Only' when a user connects to the share via iPad (using Acronis Files Connect) the files are not Read only BUT when a user connect via a Mac desktop or a Droid phone (both using Acronis Files Connect) the files are Read Only.


Any thoughts? Is this Product Dead?

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Dear John,

Thank you for your attention to the product. The product is not dead. Acronis provides yearly releases to the Acronis Files Connect intending to support new versions of operating systems, and fixes of the most important issues connected with the updates of operating systems. The development team will review your report and try to reproduce reported case. If the case reproduces – we will consider adding the fix to one of the upcoming product updates.