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Users prompted for administrator password

Thread needs solution
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Good afternoon,

We are running Acronis Access Connect, this is on a Windows Server 2008 R2 and has SP1 installed.

We have only one share, this is setup with the following permissions:

- Creator Owner: Default Special
- SYSTEM: Default Full Control
- Administrators: Full Control
- DOMAIN\UserGroup: Modify + special permissions in documentation.

Users are able to connect, they can modify a file/folder that is already present but they receive the message 'Finder wants to make changes. Type an administrator's name and password to allow this.' when they try to create anything new.

This issue is present when using AFP only, if the user connects via SMB they can use as normal.

This is an issue with the Acronis Access Connect application and not user permissions. I've added 'Everyone' with 'Full Control' but the same issue is present.

The 'Security' tab has the following enabled:

- Reset permissions on move (global)
- Support UNIX permissions and ACLs
- Support ACLs on all volumes (global)

The directory Services test completes so I know that account is working. I've replaced this account with a Domain Admin account and the issue is still present (this has been reverted to the dedicated service account previously used).

The users are showing under 'User Sessions' and are active.

The volume settings are as follows:

- (Inherited) Reset permissions on move
- (Inherited) Enforce Filename Policy
- (Inherited) Volume supports ACLs
- (Inherited) Support Spotlight Searching
- Acronis Content Indexing
- Support Catalog Search

Nothing else is enable, I've tried disabling all of the above security settings but the same issue persist.

Is anyone able to help please?

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This is also the case if I create another share elsewhere on another disk, etc.

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Hi! Is there some specific reason you have turned Unix permissions on? If you disable Unix Permissions and ACLs and restart the Access Connect service, does the same Finder pop-up window still appear?

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We want granular permissions, I've found the issue. Un-checking the 'Use Global Catalog' box resolved this issue?


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If you would like Access Connect to only search the Domain specified, you should uncheck the Use Global Catalog option. Did this solve the problem?

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It did, this can be closed.