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Acronis Acquires 5nine: MSPs Gain Unified Cloud Management and Security Tools

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Acronis is constantly evolving and expanding its cyber protection solutions and services to help modern organizations comprehensively protect their data, applications, and systems. To that end, we’re proud to announce our acquisition of 5nine, a global provider of Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure cloud management and security solutions.

This acquisition is our first since we gained “unicorn” status following Goldman Sachs’ $147 million investment in September. As we noted then, these funds are making it possible for us to accelerate our growth, both from within the organization and from strategic acquisitions.

5nine represents both the first of these moves and an exciting new opportunity for the partners and customers that rely on our services and solutions.

What 5nine brings to the table

5nine has a proven history of delivering end-to-end cloud solutions for Hyper-V, as well as the first and only agentless, multilayered security solution for Hyper-V and Azure. As a result of this acquisition, these solutions will now be available to Acronis’ partners and customers.

5nine’s CEO Karen Armor explained the benefits of the merger.

“By combining with Acronis, we will be able to accelerate product innovation, expand our distribution channel, and leverage our existing technology to meet customer requirements. With the knowledge gained from almost a decade of experience managing and protecting Microsoft virtual machines on behalf of our customers, we are certain that this acquisition will drive cloud adoption and ensure secure and reliable cloud infrastructure deployments worldwide.”

For managed service providers (MSPs) who have already added Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions to their portfolio, this acquisition will deliver valuable new capabilities and convenience that makes their work managing and protecting their customers’ data, applications, and systems easier, more efficient, and more secure than ever before.

How MSPs will benefit

With 5nine’s technology integrated into the Acronis Cyber Platform, MSPs and IT organizations can look forward to easier workload migrations from physical to virtual infrastructure to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure, or both.

Additionally, a variety of new services will appear in the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions portal. These services will enable MSPs to simplify their clients’ cloud service orchestration, create new business, and manage customer needs: all while ensuring the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) of their data, applications, and systems.

Furthermore, as Acronis Founder and CEO Serguei “SB” Beloussov noted, this acquisition offers a seamless, unified way for service provider partners and customers to adopt the Microsoft hybrid cloud platform.

“With our combined solution, organizations will be able to migrate all or select workloads to the cloud and then manage both on-premises and cloud virtual machines with a single interface. We envision combining the functionality of the two solutions by extending Acronis’ easy-to-use, single pane of glass, resulting in IT administrators monitoring, managing, and ensuring cyber protection for all workloads, regardless of their location.”

The #CyberFit future of 5nine

Acronis’ acquisition of 5nine is part of a broader effort to deliver cyber protection solutions that transform the industry – ensuring IT pros, service providers, enterprises, and companies of all sizes are #CyberFit and properly equipped with the protection they need to face modern threats to their business-critical data.

To that end, the Acronis team has committed to further investments in and developments to 5nine’s award-winning Cloud Management, Cloud Migration, and Security Platform. These planned developments, along with tight integration to the Acronis Cyber Platform, promise a wealth of exciting new features and capabilities for MSPs, enterprises, and countless other organizations confronting the evolving complexity, security, and cost challenges of modern IT.


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