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Acronis Ramsomware Protection - stuck on loading my data in web browser

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My version is Acronis Ramsomware Protection Build 1700 and the problem is I can not see my backup in the browser.

When I select the backup is loading and never end .

I try to delete my backup data but it say the data is in use and can not be deleted.

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What version of Acronis do you also have installed?  My understanding is that Acronis Ransomeware Protection is a stand-a-lone application and not compatible with other Acronis backup products.  Acronis Active Protection is included in licensed versions of True Image and would not the ransomeware protection application.

As for backups not showing up in the online dashboard, if you've ever removed it from the local console (via the True Image GUI on your computer or the online dashboard) in the past, it usually will not show up again on it's own.  You would likely need to contact technical support to see if it is something they can bring back for you instead. 

Also make sure the correct service is running on your system per these KB articles: