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Acronis Ransomware Protection software conflict

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I recently installed Acronis Ransomware Protection, in part because it said it did not conflict with other antivirus apps. However, it severely slowed and then altogether stopped my Windows 10 system. The problem was resolved by uninstalling the app.

The antivirus in use is Windows Defender and I run fairly frequent scans with SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes. I would note that it cost me quite a bit of $ in tech support to discover the problem. I did not suspect it due to the app's claim about working with other antivirus apps.

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Hi David,

Thank you for taking time to report the issue to us.

We'd be grateful if you sent us diagnostic reports to help fix the issue.


1) open Startup and Recovery tab as per

2) change "Automatic memory dump" to "Complete memory dump"

3) follow and to enable the full memory dump creation via manual system crash (does not damage your PC)

4) install Acronis Ransomware Protection

5) when computer is still responding, generate a system report using this tool: it will create a .zip file in the same folder where you download and run the tool.

6) when the computer stops responding, freezes, initiate the crash as instructed by Microsoft: using the following hotkey sequence: Hold down the rightmost CTRL key, and press the SCROLL LOCK key twice.

7) boot into Windows Safe mode and compress the contents of C:\ProgramData\Acronis

8) uninstall Acronis Ransomware Protection

9) compress C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP into a .zip or any other archive format

10) upload the system report, compressed MEMORY.DMP and C:\ProgramData\Acronis to our FTP server. I will send you the FTP server credentials in a direct message.

Thank you!