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Acronis Ransomware Protection - Vulnerable scenario

Thread needs solution
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Hi, when I run KnowBe4 Ransim to test your Anti-Ransomware, I find 2 vulnerable scenarios. One of them is normal as it is a mining rig test and your free product does not cover that. The other one is an encryption of files similar to a recent version of Critroni ransomware. This ransomware use a different way to list files, move them and delete them. Your software is not able to revert changes in this case.

The only free product I found that stop this kind of ransomware is Heilig Defense RansomOff.

Could you add detection of Critroni's encryption in your software please?

Thank you.

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Wako, welcome to Acronis Forum and thank you for taking the time to report this issue! We've passed the details to the RnD. Our colleagues confirmed we expect to support such cases in the upcoming releases (internal ID for reference AAP-1345)