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Acronis Support or Lack Of...

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Yesterday I purchased the 500GB expansion to the free 5GB Ransomware software. At first it appeared to work correctly, the 500GB displayed on my account. The issue was this. After uploading 15GB of data to the cloud, I got message telling me that I did not have enough space left to complete my backup. I contacted support chat and was told that because Ransomware is a FREE product no expanded storage is available.

I tried to explain that this is incorrect since they provide a link to buying extra cloud storage. It did no good because the agent appeared to not have any clue as to this product. Bottom line I decided that since they were unable to acknowledge support for additional purchased storage, I demanded a refund of my $19.99. The agent processed it immediately. She kept trying to sell be on of their other backup products. Based on my use of the initial 5GB version, the cloud storage is dodgy IMO. Trying to increase to 500GB may have taken care of it but I will never know. I hope that the actual Ransomware program works BETTER that the CLOUD product.

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Dear Michael,

thank you for taking the time to let us know about the issue! Could you please send me the ticket ID, so that we can look into the situation. Please accept our apologies for the bad experience.