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Amount of Cloud Storage

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My profile indicates that I have 5GB of cloud storage through my Acronis Ransomware Protection app. According to my dashboard, I'm only using about 1.1GB at this time. Why am I getting a warning that my data can no longer be backed up because I have no space left and need to buy additional?

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Hello Donald,

thank you for your posting! Would you attach a couple of screenshots illustrating the issue (backup size shown in the application\ in the web dashboard\ when comes the error message) Have you tried to log out and log in back to your personal account in the application? What is the size of data you want to back up to the Cloud? If this doesn't help, please send us the output of AcronisInfo Utility (the tool can be downloaded from, find the .exe file for Acronis Ransomware Protection). If the resulting archive does not exceed 5 MB, you can send it via the Feedback form at Otherwise I'll provide you with an FTP link for upload.

Thank you,