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Can't Remove my folders in Acronis Cloud (assigned using Acronis Ramsonware)

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Hello folk!

I have a problem with my 5 GB Cloud linked to Acronis Ransomware. Recently I had to format and reinstall my operating system (Windows 7 Professional x64) my hard disk. Now I want to install again Acronis Ransomware and configure my folders to upload in 5.0 GB Acronis Cloud. Before do this, I want to Eliminate my personal information in Acronis Cloud. But when I push the "Remove" (in Spanish Eliminar) button the followed message appear:

No se ha podido completar la operación. El equipo seleccionado está actualmente en uso. Inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Más detalles

ssn: 988BADBF29928DC167220B44A570CE6F
rqst: dca2d1214de8428e972c533e4a7d3021
fecha: noviembre 27, 2018, 08:15:35 (UTC)

Translating :

"The operation can not be complete. The selected PC is actually in use. Try it again later"



I repeat the process since other different PC but the problem continue.


How can I Remove ALL folders in Acronis Cloud???





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Thank you for your posting! Make sure you don't have any opened browser tabs on other devices, which may lock the operation (close all tabs with Acronis on all devices, reboot the PC and then try to delete backups once again). If the issue persist, I'd suggest reporting it to the support team, so that my colleagues can conduct more in-depth investigation. For that please install a free trial of Acronis True Image 2019, go to and select "Trial/Activation/Pre-sales" category.