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Cloud Storage & Acronis Free Ransomware Protection

Thread needs solution
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I have just installed Acronis Free Ransomware Protection and uploaded a few files to my Acronis Cloud storage.

Under Storage Status it shows: Current Subscription Expires October 8th 2019 and Tariff plan 5GB. Separately on the My Account page it shows my Free Ransomware Protection product with a free license. Also shown is Acronis Cloud Storage Trial with 5GB available and a trial expiry date of October 9th 2019.

Does the 5GB storage shown on the Acronis Cloud page remain free and usable after October 8th or is it also just a trial; i.e. the software is free but the cloud storage must be purchased after the expiry date? Does the subscription reset if continue to use the Ransomware software or do I need to do anything else for the 5GB storage allowance to continue?

Is the Acronis Cloud storage shown on the account page the same as the Acronis Cloud or is it (as I think) a different online storage with its own 5GB allowance and a separate trial?

It is a bit confusing whether the Ransomware software and 5GB Acronis Cloud storage are genuinely free or simply trials. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hello Timon,

sorry for the delayed response! If you don't use Acronis Ransomware Protection for 6 months, your free 5 GB Acronis Cloud subscription is deactivated and data stored in Acronis Cloud is deleted.

To reactivate your free 5 GB Acronis Cloud subscription, simply reactivate your account by signing in your Acronis Account in Acronis Ransomware Protection interface. For more details check out