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Deleting immediately a file or directory on the cloud

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I have installed Acronis Ransomware Protection and bought 250GB of cloud space.

Please explain how can I delet one file immediately instead of using the cleaning

option which depends on the version of the file / directory or on its date.

Thanks for your help

Dr. A. Kubrick

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Thank you for your posting! Currently, it is not possible to select individual file versions for cleanup due to Cloud archive architecture. All supported cleanup schemes are described in the article How to delete backups in Acronis Cloud and free up Cloud storage space

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Arick Kubrick – I have recently posted a similar question as I think Acronis misunderstood your question.

Am I correct you are asking how to remove a file that has already been deleted from your computer? I.e. not clearing out file versions but removing files that only appear if ‘Show deleted’ is ticked? I will await their reply but I believe it is currently ‘not’ possible without removing the entire directory and uploading a new back up.  

In the Acronis Cloud help pages this is shown:

Simple cleanup

This mode allows you to choose one of the predefined options. Choose which versions you want to delete:

  • Versions older than 1 month
  • Versions older than 1 week
  • Remove previous versions and deleted files - This option deletes all versions except the latest ones, and permanently deletes previously deleted files.

The last option is the one now missing from the cleanup pages. So while you could only remove deleted files ‘and’ all previous versions you could at least remove them. Now, it would seem, you must either leave the deleted files where they are, or remove your entire directory and upload a new back up.

If I hear further I will let you know with a new post here. Regards.