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high CPU usage of other processes after enabling active protection

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System is Win10 Pro running 1903

CPU is Intel Core i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz, 24gb ram, Samsung 500gb Evo-Pro SSD for primary OS drive

Acronis Ransomware Protection (standalone) version: build 1700 Dec 17, 2018


Scenario: Active Protection is disabled:

System runs at average CPU usage inside range of 7 to 9 % with most all processes running at or below 1.5%


Scenario: After turning on Active Protection

Average system CPU load running inside range of 42% to 55%

Other processes CPU usage now skyrockets.

Discord jumps up to 15%

Amazon Photos up to 26%

Steam Client Bootstrapper up to 10%


Scenario: After disabling active protection:

Everything returns back to normal


None of these processes that experience CPU usage issues when active protection is enabled are on the monitored processes list (all are marked safe).

These performance issues are very confusing and concerning. I wouldn't expect turning the active protection on and off to be affecting the performance of other processes. Is this normal for this product? I am leaving active protection off for now as it's very taxing on my computer.


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Hello Kevin,

welcome to Acronis forums and thank you for your posting! Such issues are usually environment-specific and require investigation with the help of Acronis support engineers, which is not possible for a freeware product. We'd recommend testing a trial version of Acronis True Image (the product also has the built-in Active Protection module) and if the issue still reproduces, submit a support ticket for investigation (select Trial category on the contact page)