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How does the ransomware protection function on Windows Server

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I'm looking to install the system as a function for further protection of my Windows network and was wondering if someone could answer some questions. 

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  Having given the system a quick test in conjunction with RanSim, I was impressed that the previously encrypted files were restored. The restored files had not been back up to the cloud. I was wondering is the cloud back up solution necessary for ransomware protection or is it a recommended further safety net? (Effectively if I don't have sufficient cloud storage or non at all. Will the software still be able to restore encrypted files?).

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If I have the software on my server and there is an infected machine. Will it prevent the infected machine affecting the publicly available files on the server.

Thank you for any response.

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Hi JulesVerne,

Welcome to Acronis forums! 

1. Acronis Ransomware Protection will search the latest file versions and recover the files from the temporary file copies that were preliminarily created during the process verification. Basically this algorithm ensures the safety of your data, however it's important to keep in mind that this functionality depends on the free space available on the drive. If there is not enough free space + Acronis Ransomware Protection has internal limitations in order not to capture all available resources, then it might be possible that not all infected data has been duplicated before blocking the malicious process. That's why we recommend doing regular backups in addition to the ransomware protection. 

2. Acronis Ransomware Protection will protect all data stored locally on the machine where Acronis Ransomware Protection is running, but it can't monitor data stored in remote locations (shares on other machines or NAS devices).

Hope this makes sense :) We'll be glad to help if you have any further questions

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Hello Everyone!

Just an update: Protection of files stored in shared folders and NAS has been implemented in Acronis True Image 2019.