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large Folders C:\System Volume Information\FileProtector

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on a server there is a folder C: \ System Volume Information \ FileProtector
with big folders calls 7EA1343A-2BF7-476A-9523-56EE69E087D1 and any many under Folders calls 0D, 1B .... what is that I can delete that

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Hello Gerd,

Welcome to Acronis forums! C:\System Volume Information\FileProtector\FileStorage contains files blocked by Acronis Active Protection.  A big amount of data collected in this folder can be caused for example by some suspicious untrusted process running on your PC. If there was such a process running, Acronis Ransomware Protection started to monitor its file activities and snapshot all the files it modifies. We don't recommend removing the contents of the folder manually, normally, it should be cleaned out after system reboot. 

What product are you using here? Acronis Ransomware Protection or Acronis True Image?