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Lost Acronis Ransomware Protection icon from taks bar

Thread needs solution
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I have a problem similar to the people below, I have your ARP application on two computers (Windows 10), but I can't open the program in either of them for two months. The problem is with ARPTray, I found in the task manager a warning that this process is "stopped" or "paused" (in my language "pozastaveno"). But two more ARP tasks/services are running.
I don't have the same antivirus programs on both computers, I restarted both PCs many times, I reinstalled the ARP, but nothing helped, I suppose it could be created by a new 1909 update for Windows 10.
Thank you for your efford.

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Hello Mary,

if running the installation file as Administrator and adding Acronis to exclusions in the antivirus software don't help to solve the issue, we can only recommend testing a free trial of Acronis True Image 2020. Since Acronis Ransomware Protections is a freeware product, the more in-depth investigation with the help of Acronis support engineers is unfortunately not possible for this product.