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Multiple False-Positives and "Suspicious" processes

Thread needs solution
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After running today's update, I am getting notified about "Suspicious" processes that include:

Intel Security Assist

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

javaw.exe with particular target


igfxEM.exe (I believe this is Intel Graphics)

As well as cmd.exe, in C:\Windows\SysWOW64


Previously listed practically every Brother software, i.e. Bradmin.

While I am capable of discerning and white listing the services, as a home product, it should be quite more user friendly than it presently is. Else it will end-up confusing average user even more, instead of doing what it is supposed to.


Additionally, the window of the program does not scale, which prevents normal viewing, screen capture, etc.

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Hello Vladimir,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on Acronis Ransomware Protection! Basically, "suspicious" means that a certain process behaves ransomware like and we started monitoring it. In case of a real injection there will be a different message shown to a user. However, the product team is considering improvements for the UI so it give a user more information about the processes.

Thank you!