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Ransomware-Cyber protection-crypto mining¿

Thread needs solution
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The Acronis ads are confusing.

The web information about the same products is different!

Acronis pop ups have different verbiage than web or ads.

The pop up by acronis offers, cyber protection. Against hackers, crypto mining, ransomware...

But looking at acronis web info on products. The information changes. Not offering the same types of protection... All of the information changes and leaves me wondering just what am I getting for my money. Also how long is this product good for? 1 year? Longer?¿?

I have built a very capable computer and don't want to protect it half ass!!!

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Hello David,

welcome to Acronis forums and thank you for taking the time to raise this question! Cryptomining Blocker is a feature introduced in Acronis True Image 2019 - a backup software, which also has Acronis Active Protection module. This product is available as a perpetual (infinite) license and as a time-limited subscription. 

Acronis Ransomware Protection is a freeware tool not limited in time, which only protects against ransomware attacks.