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Removing Deleted Files & Folders from Acronis cloud

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Is it possible to remove deleted files from Acronis Cloud?

I am not talking about versions of files, but files that have been deleted from my computer and are only visible if ‘Show deleted’ is selected. You replied to a similar post but possibly misunderstood that question. Both that poster and myself are wishing to remove 'deleted' files and folders not file versions. Is this possible?

I can remove an entire back up, but for any deleted file or folder the only options are: Download / View versions / Clean up space.

Clicking on Clean up space does nothing, the deleted file/folder remains.

If I go to Storage Status and Advanced Cleanup the two options are:

Delete version older than 30 (unchangeable) Days / 3 (Unchangeable) Months / 1-3 Years

Delete all versions except (#) recent ones. I have tested this with all numbers from 1-10.

Using any of the above does not remove deleted files or folders.


Simple cleanup, as shown in the Acronis help page, is not visible in the Acronis Cloud

Simple cleanup

This mode allows you to choose one of the predefined options. Choose which versions you want to delete:

  • Versions older than 1 month
  • Versions older than 1 week
  • Remove previous versions and deleted files - This option deletes all versions except the latest ones, and permanently deletes previously deleted files.

The basic Cleanup page shows delete older than 1 month or 1 week, but the last option Remove previous versions and deleted files is not shown. Have I overlooked something or is it now no loner possible to clear out deleted files? Do I need to delete the entire directory and start a new backup, to remove them?

OS Windows 10 Pro - Tested using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Non-Chromium) 

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I've got the same problem. I need to delete some deleted files that were synced to the cloud, and that I do not need any longer, because it takes space against my cloud cuota.

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I'm fairly certain you can't at the moment. As mentioned, the option to Remove previous versions and deleted files, previously found in the Simple clean up section, no longer appears. It would seem that the only method to clear your account of deleted files is to remove the entire backup and then start a fresh backup sync.

If you browse to the top level, highlight your computer, then click on the small 'cog' symbol on the right you will see Clean Up Space and Remove. Clicking Remove will delete the entire backup and every file with it. If you wished to do this I would first go to the taskbar app and remove the folders you are currently backing up. This temporarily stops the app trying to sync those folders.

Before removing the backup make certain there are no files/folders backed up in your cloud, that you want to keep, that are not on your computer. If there are you will need to download those first or they will also be deleted.

In your Acronis cloud browser select Remove to delete the entire back up of that computer. It may take a few attempts before it finally disappears. Once it has, if that was your only backup, your storage will display 5GB left (or higher if you'd purchased more). Refresh the page to confirm deletion of the backup. 

Go to the Acronis taskbar app and add back in the folders you wish to back up to your cloud. It will create a fresh back up with all previously deleted files gone. Not ideal I know, but it would seem to be the only option at the moment.