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Unable to create backup

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I picked some folders to get protected & backed up.  Total size of all files was under 1 GB.  I start the backup but it fails with "Unable to create backup".  No error message or error code is reported, just this useless message.

Has Acronis dropped the courtesy cloud storage of 5 GB that they claim is included with this product?  I logged into my Acronis account but there is nothing shown regarding my cloud storage consumption.

If cloud storage is no longer offered with this product, the major protection it offers (to replace files that ransomware managed to corrupt) is absent, and there is no point in wasting the disk space and CPU cycles to run this program.

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The complimentary 5 GB of Cloud are still included into the Acronis Ransomware Protection package. The 5 GB quota is assigned to your account as per the records in our internal system.  

Would you mind sending me the log "application-service" from C:\ProgramData\Acronis\ARPApplicationService\Logs ? This log should provide more details about the failed backup operation. The folder might be hidden.

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