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Unable to install AcronisProtection Ramsoware

Thread needs solution
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I have downloaded AcronisProtectionSetup.exe
I launched the program (also as an administrator) but nothing happens !!!
The task manager reports "Acronis File Level CDP (Time Machine) Service (32 bit) with 0.9 MB of memory occupied, CPU 0%, Network 0%, GPU 0%.
The computer has Windows 10 Home - updated vers. 1903 - RAM 16 GB - CPU i7-7700HQ - 2.8 GHz.
HD type SSD - 118 GB with 34 GB free.

How to get around this
Thanks for the attention

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Hello Ugo,

welcome to Acronis forums! 

I'd recommend trying the following steps:

1. Disable antivirus software, firewall and all other security software which could block the installation, see Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software.

2. Using Task Manager (Start -> Run -> taskmgr -> Processes -> Show processes from all users, review the list or currently running processes) make sure that no other msiexec.exe operation is running at the same time. If it is the case, wait for it's completion or stop the process manually to proceed with Acronis installation.

3. Check in the %TEMP% folder for the recent installation log. If the log file is available, please attach it to the thread, so that we can check. 

Alternatively, you may want testing a free trial of Acronis True Image 2019