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What is covered in "Active Protection"?

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Today's newsletter "Get your home network locked-down too" is interesting and includes an article talking about recent scams including one that renames your hard drive to CoronaVirus, "New Attack Adds Infostealer to Ransomware". I'd include a link but this forum won't let me!!!!?!!!

The article states "The good news is that Acronis Cyber Protect proactively blocks the CoronaVirus ransomware..." but then I look at ACP link and get lost. It doesn't mention Active Protectin in True Image.

Does my Acronis True Image 2019 AAP protect against this attack?

How thorough is AAP really, or do I need yet another ransomware product to stay-ahead of new attacks?

Is there any place at which details the protections of AAP?

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Hello Tom,

welcome to Acronis forums! Acronis Active Protection module is provided in every product version since Acronis True Image 2018, your Acronis True Image 2019 definitely has it. The following article should give you an overview of what the service does  Let me know, if you have any questions. 

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Thank you Ekaterina that helped me and gives me confidence I have the "engine" they are talking about with the Acronis ransomware discussions.

I should have found that kb on my own but did not. Maybe you will pin the link to it at the top of this forum...? Thanks again.