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Acronis Recovery for Ms Exchange (Error 9633798) on Cluster Servers (at trial)

Thread needs solution
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Dear Support

I am trial the Acronis Recovery for Ms Exchange now, but I am not able backup store or mailbox with error 9633798 on Cluster Servers

I can see there is a reply at below and told that we need another installation file for cluster servers,

Please help
Thanks !

Our configure:
-Exchange 2003 SP2
-Windows Server 2003 SP1
-Microsoft Cluster
-Acronis® Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server® version 1.0 (build 239)
-Both Exchange servers are installed Exchange2003-KB908072-x86.exe
(Emsmdb32.dll is now 6.5.7651.10)

-Backup account have a mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server > Yes

-Backup account is in all this group :
Administrators group
Domain Admins group
Domain Users group
Enterprise Admins group
Exchange Domain Servers
Exchange Enterprise Servers

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arx+clusters :
not supported. The currently running techical preview of the 'next version' mentioned in the article supports cluster configuration.