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Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server recovery error

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When attempting to run a recovery task, I am getting an error message when selecting the backup location. The error message is: Select a correct backup location

I've tried using the wizard to drill down through the various locations to find the data share and also putting the full path in the location box. Both give the same results.

The backups are running fine. If I copy the database backups to a different location on the network (another network share), I can access them without any issues.

Information about systems:
The backup location is a shared file on a Synology DS413.
We are backing up a SQL Server 2008 database running on MS Server 2008 R2 (the client is installed on this machine).
The management software is stored on and run on a Windows 2003 Server (this is where all of the Acronis software clients are managed from).
Acronis® Recovery for MS SQL Server® version 1.0 (build 212)

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.


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Hello John,

please contact our support for assistance with recovery issue.

Thank you.

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