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Can't browse contents of SQL backups

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Hello, we are using both Backup and Recovery 11 (b 17438) and Recovery for SQL (b 212).
When we create backups in Backup and Recovery, we can browse them. When we create backups with the SQL product, the backups are created successfully, but we cannot browse the .TIB file and receive the error:

Cannot continue the operation as either the backup is corrupted or it is being used by another process

Some notes:
-I'm attempting to browse the file on the same server that ran the backup, logged in as the domain admin. Permissions have been verified ok.
-In the SQL backup software, I am able to access the files for restoration and select db's to restore.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Most likely .tib files got associated with Backup and Recovery , and it doesn't recognize Recovery for SQL .tib files as valid backups. You may try uninstalling one of consoles and repairingthe other to have only one type of backups recognized. (Btw, is it possible at all to browse SQL backups on a clean install without ABR 11? )