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Exchange backups repeatedly failing

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Hi all,

I am having problems with Acronis exchange backups. Basically it eventually fails – sometimes after a day or so, sometimes after a week or even a month. This has been going on for about the last six months. To resolve I have been restarting services, deleting and recreating the tasks and even rebooting the server. It works temporarily then starts failing again.

What is strange is that after an error, I will restart a task and it will fail again. But if I recreate the task exactly, it will then work for a while.

The backup job has varied in the past to resolve these issues, but is now CDP.

The server:
2x dual core (four cores total – 8 with hyperthreading) – 8gb ram. The database sits on a RAID10 with over 500gb space, the current size of the database is 75gb. The OS & Exchange sit on a raid 5 and the logs on a mirror. All arrays have plenty of space.

OS: 64-bit server R2 (with SP2) – Exchange 2007 SP1. - about 200 mailboxes. Nothing else is installed on this server, it does Exchange and that’s it.

Acronis – latest versions for both Exchange and Backup and Recovery 10. These were installed a month or so ago – I uninstalled the old versions and did a fresh install of the newest versions.

The backups are going to a network share on a 2003 server with 1.2TB of free space over a gigabit connection. Other servers backup to this server without issue.

The three relevant logs have been attached from the latest failure. The relevant lines are:

Log 1 = Backup task failed. Reason: Acronis Network connection terminated.
Log 2 = SSL Error: Premature close; SSL Error: SSL_write failed; SSL Error: SSL_read failed
Log 3 = Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

As an FYI – I restarted the Acronis services, and restarted this task and it ran OK this morning.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Rob,

Thank you for posting. I will certainly help you with these issues.

The first error is most likely caused by incorrect credentials or lack of certain Acronis Agent privileges. I would recommend this KB article to resolve this problem.

The second error I am afraid will require additional investigation. Please collect this report from the machine where you have the agent and the management console installed and contact our Support team directly.

The third error could be either caused by the size of the backup if it's validation or some non-Acronis processes are using up system resources if it's a backup.

Just in case, this KB article shows the recommended way of installing ABR10 and ARX on the same computer.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you.