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Full Mailbox BAckup - Never Executed

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I am new to Acronis Exchange Backup and Recovery software.

I am using the followng versions of the software:

Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.
Acronis® Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server® version 1.0 (build 239)

The problem I have is as follows.

I have scheduled a series of full and incremental tasks to backup up my exchange server. A full/incremental IS Backup and a full\incremental Mailbox Backup.

The IS Backups appear to be running fine, as does the incremental mailbox backup.

However, the full Mailbox backup (which is scheduled to run once weekly) will not execute.

The logs show no record of the task, in the console or checking the logs manually. The Status of the job appears as Never Executed, and having now passed the day\time on which the job should have ran the Last Run column shows the job completed 1 second after it was due to start (but still shows as Never executed).

Do you have any ideas why only this task will not run as per the schedule, or if there are other logs I can check to verify what the problem is?

I have already checked the logs in the console and in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\TasksService\Logs.


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Wasnt able to resolve this issue so had to recreate the backup task from scratch. Full backup now running ok.