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Invitation to ABR11 for Microsoft Exchange Server Technology Preview program

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Dear Acronis Customers,

We are pleased to invite you to the Technology Preview Program for Acronis® Backup & Recovery 11 for Microsoft Exchange Server® – the newest version of our comprehensive, flexible solution for Microsoft Exchange Server.

The build as well as the supporting documentation can be obtained at

The goal of this program is to collect customers feedback and bug reports before the official release

We do appreciate any feedback; however the most valuable feedback you can provide is by trying the technology preview build in an environment which is close to your production environment.
Several Acronis IT departments are already using this version in production, but we cannot recommend you doing the same because should any problem happen, we may not be able to provide timely support.
However, many companies have a test environment is an exact or close copy of their production environment used for software pre-production testing. For us at Acronis, that would be the most valuable type of testing.

Here are few resources that may help you:
Release notes:
User's guide (pdf):
Online help (html):…

Few notes about such testing:

  1. The Technical Preview build is integrated with ABR11, however current build contains Exchange backup components only. It means you will not be able to backup/restore files or disks with this build
  2. Please uninstall previous version of Exchange backup software (Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange, aka ARX1) and released versions of ABR11 before using this build

Use this forum to post your feedback

If you have any questions, just ask!

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