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Need an Online backup solution to a 126 Gb SQL 2005 database

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I want to backup a 126 gig SQL database backup online and I am trying to find a solution. I was thinking of using Amazon storage but 126 gigs nightly wont fly even with our 10 gb metroE. thought about incremental but the full would take about 33 hours assuming best case. Are there any Acronis products that will help me?

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First, which exactly implementation of SQL ? (I assume MS SQL Server because of '2005' and go on)
What is exact amount of daily incremental? There is Acronis Recovery for SQL, but it doesn't support backup to Acronis Online Storage. There is ABR11 (ABR11.5 to be released soon) that support backup to online storage, but doesn't have specific support for MSSQL such as truncating transaction logs or granular restore. So one of solutions is install 15-day (not so much) trial of Recovery for SQL, check what daily incremental size is like, then (or before) set up trial of Backup&Recovery Online (60 days trial subscription) that can back up only to online storage, and back up the disk containing resulting 'tib files to online. I won't even dare think about recovery scenarios. (in case of purely online storage)
ABR11.5 supports staging to online, so that it can back up fast to local storage and then copy it to online (but IIRC it blocks local backup operation until staging is complete)