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Restore Mailbox Error

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I have a current Exchange Server in production and need to restore a deleted mailbox from a backup taken last year.

I've indicated that it needs to recreate the AD account and reassociate the mailbox to it, but since the /First Storage Group/Mailbox Database is being used by the rest of the company it keeps failing trying to access it. I did notice that there was an option to overwrite the current database, but my fear is that it will wipeout my current database will all my active mailboxes.

All I want it to do is restore the mailbox into the /First Storage Group/Mailbox Database so I can export it to a PST file. What exactly am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

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Any update on this? If no advice can be given out about doing a single mailbox recovery from an IS backup, can you please give me the phone number for paid support? The lack of documentation makes me a little gun shy from pulling the trigger just to recover this one mailbox.

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Hello Chris,

Thank you for posting. I will definitely help you.

It is difficult to say exactly what happens without additional information. In such situations you can always get in touch with our Support team.

Please check this KB article that shows how to contact us.

If you need additional help please let me know.

Thank you.