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Unable to delete Task (Acronis for Exchange)

Thread needs solution
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Ein erstellter Task schlägt fast immer fehl. Also wollte ich ihn bearbeiten oder löschen. Beides ist nicht möglich. Ich kann keinen Task löschen, aber ich kann neue erstellen.

Wie Sie im Screenshot sehen können, sind da keine Optionen zum Bearbeiten oder Löschen eines Tasks. Ich habe schedmgr.exe versucht, aber es ist mir nicht möglich die Task ID's auszulesen und ich möchte nicht auf gut Glück löschen.

Was kann ich jetzt noch machen?


A created task is nearly always failing. So I wanted to edit the task or delete it. Both is not possible. I can't delete a task, but I can create a new one.

As you will see in the screenshot, there are no options to edit or delete a task. I have tryed schedmgr.exe, but I am not able to read out the task ID's and I don't want to delete and pray.

What can I do now?

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Hello Christian,

thank you for using Acronis software.

As you posted in an international forum, I will answer your post in English language.

It really looks to be a problem in the Acronis Scheduler. So far, you can use the 'task zap' command in order to fix this issue.

  1. First stop all Acronis services. Go to Start -> Run -> services.msc
  2. Stop all services which begin with Acronis
  3. Open a cmd box as administrator
  4. Follow the instructions to task zap following this article from our knowledge base
  5. After the task zap command and restarting all Acronis services, go to the Console, and open each task in edit mode and save it again in order to perform backups.

Please do not forget to register the products, as we launched already Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 also with Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 for MS Exchange Server. If the product has valid support, you can upgrade it.

If there is anything else, we can do for you, please let me know.

Thank you.